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Notes of Machine Dynamics and Vibrations (with formulary)

Hi everybody!

With this article I would like to share with you these notes, coming from the course of Civil Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano university.

The notes are the result of work of rewriting the lessons of the Machine Dynamics and Vibrations course held by prof. Rocchi Daniele during the 2017/2018 academic year at the Politecnico di Milano.

These notes are written by Speranza Carlo, while the revision and layout is made by Battaglia Alberto.

The .pdf file contains 201 pages of notes, two appendices and a final formulary of 6 pages.

The file is freely downloadable from the link of the MEGA service below.

Before giving you the link, it is important to remind you that:

  • The file includes personal notes by Speranza Carlo and I have no rights regarding its content.
  • the accuracy and of this material is obviously NOT guaranteed, therefore Carlo and I are NOT responsible for any consequences, both academic and professional, to which the use of this material could lead.

I therefore invite anyone who notices errors or inaccuracies in the material to report it with a comment below, so that I can, if I have time, update and correct the material.

I would also like to know how the material seemed to you and if it was useful and in what area, with a comment below.


Download link (with MEGA):

Notes of Machine Dynamics and Vibrations (with formulary) (201.1 MB)

1 DOF forced motion response – Damping effect on the system response to harmonic force

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